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What is Centracs Mobility?

Since 2009, Centracs® has led the industry in providing advanced transportation management solutions for over 300 customers across North America, controlling over 57,000 signalized intersections. Centracs has evolved along with the industry, keeping pace with both day-to-day operational demands and the emerging connected vehicle environment to ensure the highest levels of safety, system reliability, and optimized mobility.

Centracs Mobility continues this natural evolution by providing all the features of Centracs combined with the data analytic capabilities of Signal Performance Measures, timing pattern optimization, and an entirely new way of providing adaptive signal control in real-time—in turn delivering new levels of traffic signal control and intelligent automation.

This flexible cloud-based platform, offered in five suites, ensures transportation agencies will have the most sustainable and future-proof solutions available—meeting the evolving traffic control demands of the Smart City multimodal transportation environment, as well as the unique needs of each agency.

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The Centracs Essentials Suite provides agencies with entry-level tools for traffic management, including the data analytic capabilities of Signal Performance Measures, signal status and display or automated data reporting for Autoscope Vision sensors.

Signal Performance Measures (SPM)
Provides rich data analytics, leveraging the high-resolution data capabilities of advanced transportation controllers to support decision making that facilitates the development of performance-based operational and maintenance strategies.
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–  PLUS –

Closed Loop
Provides basic intersection status display, remote database access, and compares features to facilitate entry-level traffic control strategies. It enables uploads and downloads of optimized signal programming to locally-connected traffic controllers.
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– OR –

Automates data reporting, analytics, and monitoring for Autoscope Vision sensor systems. It captures and leverages high-resolution data collected by these sensors.
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Coming Soon

Four additional Suites (Standard, Signature, Enterprise, and Custom) with new modules will be available in 2020, including a completely customizable option, to provide agencies with their perfect fit for a one-stop-shop advanced transportation management system. Stay tuned for more information!

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Specific Solutions can be customized to fit the unique needs of our customers. (Items marked with * can be added to the Custom suite individually.)

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