Dec 21, 2021 | Communications Networks

Econolite Systems was selected as the prime contractor based on the submitted proposal and staff experience

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for maintaining hundreds of ITS devices throughout the islands. Due to obsolete communication devices Hawaii DOT needed to upgrade the existing communication system for the H-3 Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). The communication devices were transmitting Changeable Message Signs (CMS), CCTV cameras, traffic control detection, and barrier gate data to the traffic operations center through serial communication. The work for the project included testing fiber strands, repairing those that were broken, submitting a migration plan, removing serial devices, installing Ethernet devices, transferring field devices to the new system, and providing training.

The Hawaii DOT selected Econolite Systems as the prime contractor based on the submitted proposal and staff experience. Econolite submitted fiber testing results on 5 miles of multimode and single mode fiber. The fiber was installed over a decade ago and had a few breaks that needed repairs. Econolite was responsible for documenting the new system architecture stating which fiber strands would be used and how the system would communicate.

Econolite found that the original HDOT topology would not work with the selected gigabit backbone over existing multi-mode fiber. Econolite proposed a new plan that would meet their specifications for redundancy throughout the system using a hybrid of gigabit and 100 Mbps links.

Econolite developed a plan detailing a step-by-step migration methodology to minimize disruptions during installation. As the prime contractor, Econolite was responsible for furnishing, installing, and integrating the hardware and software including switches, terminal servers, and voice gateways. Econolite worked alongside the Hawaii DOT staff to ensure the end devices (CCTV, CMS, etc.) were not affected. Econolite installed a network monitoring software to constantly check the status of each communication device helping the Hawaii DOT staff maintain these new devices. Econolite is currently transitioning over 100 traffic devices to the Ethernet communication equipment and successfully tested each one.

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