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Dec 21, 2021 | Centracs Implementations

An aggressive technology upgrade program with expansion capabilities for up to 500 intersections, 200 cameras, and 25 Dynamic Message Signs

Sacramento County had implemented an aggressive technology upgrade program for the County Traffic Operations Center (TOC), due to aging field equipment and an obsolete central system in need of replacement, as well as a failing video projection wall. The County selected Econolite Systems to provide new 2070 controllers with Econolite’s ASC/3 software, integrate Centracs ATMS with their IP network (also upgraded under a separate project), and replace the failing video wall with LCD panel matrix technology.

The project began in April 2010 with initial planning and design tasks, particularly for the TOC modifications required to accommodate the display wall. Following the initial design tasks, Econolite delivered 117 2070 controllers in June 2011, and data conversion was performed by Econolite and County engineers, making the controllers ready for the County’s contractor to install as part of the separate field upgrade contract.

The video wall was installed in August, significantly enhancing the TOC’s display capabilities. Econolite Systems took cost cutting measures by eliminating the need for an expensive video wall controller and allowing the Centracs’ client interface to manage the video wall. In September, Econolite’s Centracs implementation team arrived on-site to install and integrate the local controllers and cameras. Sacramento maintains a large network of 80 IP cameras for assessment of the on-street performance of the system. Centracs’ advanced CCTV module integrates with the County-selected cameras without modifications.

The TOC staff use Centracs to control their existing arterial dynamic message signs at key locations around the County. The County has expansion capabilities for up to 500 intersections, 200 cameras, and 25 Dynamic Message Signs.

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