Centracs® Priority


  • Significantly reduces preemption across the system

  • Provides much more efficient and effective transit priority with the use of ETA

  • Uses existing AVL, GPS, CAD, and dispatch systems

  • Improves safety by getting traffic out of the way of emergency vehicles

  • Greatly reduces in-street hardware and maintenance costs

Centracs Priority is designed to significantly reduce emergency vehicle response times, as well as increase on-time performance by providing dynamic signal priority to fire, medical, transit, and other prioritized vehicles.

Centracs Priority optimizes the movement of priority vehicles, including transit, fire, police, snow plows, freight vehicles, and more. This lessens or often eliminates, negative effects of traditional preemption or TSP service. It also increases safety and efficiency through Econolite’s queue flush feature that discharges standing queues in advance of arriving emergency vehicles.

Centracs Priority leverages GPS and existing CAD AVL systems to sucessfully calculate estimated arrivals at signalized intersections.
This in turn enables Econolite’s smart traffic controllers to render tailored priority to those vehicles much more efficiently than legacy preemption or transit priority systems.


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