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Serving the transportation market for more than 35 years, Econolite Canada (ECI) is Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of ITS solutions. Being customer- and technology-driven has fostered Econolite Canada’s market leadership, and with direct sales and service presence in every Canadian province, ECI ensures that customer service remains the top priority. Econolite Canada supports all of its products through the entire life cycle and provides unparalleled levels of product training.


Success Through Partnerships


Being an innovator of transportation management solutions, Econolite Canada, just like its parent company, is able to take a partnership approach with customers to ensure that they receive the most from their ITS investments. By staying at the leading edge of transportation technology, ECI customers are assured access to the most advanced yet cost-effective transportation management products to meet the most demanding and evolving ITS objectives.

Econolite Canada’s ongoing goal to be the premier ITS solutions provider is reflected in the most comprehensive traffic management product portfolio available. ECI’s strategy to address the needs of complete traffic systems, as well as the individual needs of niche applications, uniquely positions Econolite Canada as the country’s leading ITS partner. This flexibility includes offering solutions from the Econolite and Safetran brands and beyond, ensuring they meet Canada’s diverging transportation market needs today and into the future.

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Econolite proudly partners with a wide range of organizations across the ITS spectrum.

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National Electrical Manufacturer’s Assn.

National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol

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