12-Inch Poly Pedestrian

Poly Pedestrian Traffic Signal


  • Uses ultra-bright LEDs
  • For ease of replacement, LED board is part of door assembly

  • Lens outer surface is slightly frosted to minimize unwanted reflections

  • Ultra-bright LEDs are visible in sunlight as well as at night

Traffic and pedestrian signals represent the foundation of safety at any signalized intersection. They also represent the first, and arguably the most important, interaction motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians have with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).   

For more than eight decades, Econolite has led the industry in both innovation and breadth of traffic  and pedestrian signal solutions for virtually every application, helping transportation agencies and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) efficiently and cost-effectively meet evolving traffic management programs. Econolite has always utilized the latest industrial design techniques to develop and manufacture some of the industry’s most durable signal products that exceed industry specifications. Currently, our products are designed through computer-aided 3D software and modeling, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to accurately predict how our signal equipment will react to practically all known environmental forces. In addition, actual production units are tested to handle multiple wind loads and other real world factors to ensure durability.