Centracs® Travel Time

ATMS Travel Time Module


  • ATMS Travel Time Module

  • Real-time updating and rendering of Travel Times and Speeds on Centracs GIS-based map

  • Historic Speed and Travel Time Report generation

  • Automatic recognition of new BlueTOAD devices

One of the most desirable and yet elusive metrics for an ATMS Travel Time Module.  Automated travel time and related speed measurement is very difficult with traditional detection technology because detectors cannot uniquely identify and record individual vehicles as they pass through different parts of a city.  However, commonly available wireless technologies have now opened the door to travel time viewing and reporting from within an ATMS.

Econolite’s Centracs ATMS offers a Travel-Time module that interfaces with BlueTOAD (BlueTooth Origin And Destination) system and products from TrafficCast International – a leading provider in travel time forecasting and traffic information.


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