Centracs® MOE

ATMS Dynamic Reporting Module

Un coup d’oeil

  • The Centracs MOE ATMS Dynamic Reporting Module offers seven different graphical diagrams or reports that provide engineers benefits

  • Meaningful presentations of traffic data

  • Big-picture views of traffic signal and coordination behavior

  • Tools to perform before and after evaluation of timing and coordination plan changes

  • Tools to quickly identify problems with detection, timing and coordination plans and schedules

Increasing traffic mobility is a dynamic and fluid challenge that is placing greater demands on transportation departments and agencies ATMS Dynamic Reporting Module. Combined with requirements to verify and document Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) effectiveness, using traditional traffic measuring tools and periodic traffic studies only provide a snapshot of information, while being very expensive. In today’s ITS-driven environment, agencies need the dynamic tools to help identify the factors impacting traffic and to provide the relevant and immediate information feedback, enabling confident and predictable signal coordination and timing adjustments as needed to enhance traffic flow.

The Centracs MOE module offers a set of seven innovative graphical-based report tools.  These tools graphically combine and render detector and other data specific to traffic signal operation. Centracs MOE is designed to provide the tools for transportation agencies and municipalities to better understand and manage the many factors impacting traffic signal coordination.


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