Centracs® DCMS

automated traffic management system


  • Centracs user interface, automated traffic management system

  • Automated traffic data collection

  • Real-time data logging, display, archiving, reporting, and sharing

  • Comprehensive reports that help engineers understand what is really happening on the street

  • Visual validation via snapshot images and streaming video

With Centracs DCMS for automated traffic management system, traffic engineers and planners can obtain the up-to-date data they need to make informed decisions to optimize traffic signal timing, freeway applications, and satisfy federal and state data reporting requirements.

Centracs DCMS is built on the same platform and advanced architecture as the Centracs Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS). It provides the same outstanding intuitive and user-friendly features found in the Centracs software system. Centracs DCMS provides users with real-time monitoring of traffic and travel conditions at intersections, mid-blocks, or freeways via vehicle detection devices. With Centracs DCMS, video and radar detection equipment can become automated virtual count stations that gather traffic data without interruption. Centracs DCMS seamlessly supports Autoscope ENCORE, Duo, Solo Terra, Solo Pro and RackVision equipment.


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