Centracs® CCTV

Advanced Traffic Management System Module


  • Advanced Traffic Management System Module for Centracs ATMS
  • Camera licenses (contact Econolite for a list of supported cameras and encoders) 

  • Client video software

  • Installation, on-site integration, and testing

  • On-site training

  • Advanced CCTV server computer

  • Software Maintenance Agreement

Visually monitoring intersections and roadways is a strategic Advanced Traffic Management System Module capability in today’s Traffic Management Centers. Features such as camera presets, video tours, access prioritization, snapshots, and multicast video, combined with options to supply video feeds to agencies such as police, fire and media, makes Centracs Advanced CCTV more than just a simple CCTV solution.

This option of the Centracs ATMS is an enterprise-class IP video surveillance solution, providing seamless management of digital video across IP networks. Video can be transmitted over existing wired and wireless IP networks, ranging from DSL (VDSL) and fiber. Analog cameras are supported through the use of IP video encoders. These various transmission options enable the user to control cameras placed in extremely remote locations, as well as those close by. Video quality and number of streams is a function of the quality and capacity of the communications network.


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