Centracs® Adaptive

Advanced traffic management system module


  • Eases traffic congestion – Advanced traffic management system module reduces stops, delays and travel times

  • Reduces vehicle emissions and production of greenhouse gases

  • Often leverages existing detection to a large extent

  • Requires no calibration/tuning

Centracs Adaptive Advanced traffic management system module captures the benefits behind the development of the original ACS Lite – the original adaptive control software designed to adapt signal timing plans to accommodate traffic flow changes. Econolite incorporates unique improvements to ACS Lite into Centracs Adaptive.

Integrated in Econolite’s Centracs ATMS, centralized Advanced Transportation Management System, Centracs Adaptive is designed for transportation agencies seeking to significantly improve traffic mobility over pre-programmed signal timing plans.  Centracs Adaptive is a true Adaptive Signal Control software that actively reallocates and adapts signal timing as necessary to improve traffic flow, including unpredictable or unexpected traffic conditions.  Centracs Adaptive is one of the most cost effective Adaptive Signal Control systems available.


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