Connected Innovation

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Econolite is a customer-focused provider of innovative solutions for the transportation management systems market, dedicated to the enhancement of mobility and safety on our roadways. By nurturing strategic affiliations and partnerships, Econolite is expanding its commitment to the development and advancement of future-forward initiatives like connected vehicle (CV) technologies and other industry innovations.


What is it? The Econolite Connected Vehicle Co-Processor Module is a Linux based embedded computing platform that provides supplemental application processing power for the controller. It’s perfect for CPU-intensive connected vehicle applications.

Controller Compatibility

Works directly with 2070E, 2070C, Cobalt SM and Cobalt RM Advanced Traffic Controllers

Installs into the ‘mandatory communications slot’ for ATCs

Installs into slot A2 for 2070s

Communicates through backplane Ethernet and SP2

Works indirectly with Ethernet-capable NEMA traffic controller with the CVCP Module Enclosure and communicates through the front panel Ethernet

Econolite’s Commitment to Innovation

Connected / Autonomous Vehicles

Econolite is a key contributor and partner in numerous connected/automated vehicle programs. We are uniquely positioned to fulfill the V2I needs of connected/autonomous vehicle networks.

Innovative Partnerships with Academia

Econolite has a strong tradition of collaboration with universities and other research programs. Combining the ITS expertise of Econolite with the creativity of academia continues to foster innovation and discovery.

Connected Vehicle: The Future of Transportation

UMTRI – MTC: Mobility Transformation Center

Innovation Partners