Autoscope® TIP

Advanced Traffic Management System


  • Supports up to 8 Autoscope ENCORE sensors and Access Point for Advanced Traffic Management System

  • RJ45 Ethernet connection for laptop or cabinet network

  • High-voltage transient protection

  • Power line isolation

  • Also supports 1 to 8 Solo Terra cameras

  • Includes 2 spare fuses

  • Small footprint

  • Hardened for cabinet environment

The Autoscope ENCORE Interface Panel provides a robust Autoscope EasyLink connection point in the cabinet for communicating with ENCORE detection sensors for the Advanced Traffic Management System.  The Interface Panel supports “3-wires-only” branch cable connections to the sensors, an interface to the Autoscope Access Point for outputs to traffic controllers, and a standard Ethernet connection for a laptop at the Traffic Control Center (TCC).  The Interface Panel also protects other cabinet components from branch cable transients and surges, while making zoom set-up and sensor maintenance easily manageable directly from the cabinet.

EasyLink connectivity allows simple installation within the traffic cabinet and user-friendly integration into an agency’s Ethernet-based communications network for the Advanced Traffic Management System.  A standard CAT-5 cable connects the Interface Panel into a network to view video, collect traffic data, and maintain the Autoscope system.  Autoscope products like the Autoscope ENCORE and Access Point Detector Port Master (DPM) use Internet-standard, IP-based addressing with a unique Ethernet MAC address.