Autoscope® TAP

Advanced Traffic Management System


  • Rack or stand-alone installation on Advanced Traffic Management System

  • C1Y 170 controller input/output adaptor cable

  • Self-diagnostics on power-up

  • High-energy transient protection

  • Supports up to 8 Autoscope devices

  • EasyLink IP-addressable connectivity

  • 88 total simultaneous outputs

  • 48 total simultaneous inputs

  • 64 TS2 detector output

The Autoscope ENCORE Access Point is a robust Autoscope Detector Port Master (DPM) with EasyLink connectivity for up to eight Autoscope devices on the Advanced Traffic Management System.  The Access Point outputs vehicle detection events to the traffic controller.  A well-organized user-selectable video output simplifies maintenance and monitoring.  Its video switch provides standard National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) or Phase Alternating Line (PAL) analog video for access in the traffic cabinet.

EasyLink connectivity means simple installation within the cabinet for I/O recognition to the traffic controller.  The Autoscope Configuration Wizard® promptly associates the TAP with other Autoscope devices.  Point-and-click I/O assignments quickly configure the interface to the traffic controller.