Autoscope® Image Sensor Color

video detection camera for traffic signals


  • Video detection camera for traffic signals
  • Low power consumption

  • 22x zoom lens & color imager

  • Zoom and setup control over coax

  • High resolution for accuracy

  • Auto-gain circuitry for improved detection in varying light

  • Accurate detection at low light levels

  • No streaking or blooming from bright light sources (head lights)

As more Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) programs come online, transportation agencies and metropolitan planning organizations (MPO) are realizing the enhanced traffic management capabilities that are accessible through video detection camera for traffic signals.  A solution that offers one of the largest gains in capability and lower cost of ownership to any ITS program is a video detection system.  A video system provides access to new levels of strategic traffic information, supporting comprehensive reporting for funding opportunities, regular signal timing updates, traveler and shared traffic information, etc.  Optimized as a video source for the Autoscope standalone Machine Vision Processor (MVP) product suite, the AIS Suite of cameras produce consistently high quality video in all weather, lighting, and traffic conditions common in today’s demanding traffic management and ITS environments.