ASC/3-2070 Software

Traffic Light Controller


  • For use with Econolite Traffic Light Controller
  • Designed, developed, and tested in an ISO-certified environment

  • Supports the model 2070 open architecture and OS-9 operating system.  Also available for operation on Linux operating system

  • Exceeds NEMA TS2 functional requirements

  • Software support for Centracs®, icons®, Aries®, and any NTCIP 1202, level-2 compliant pre-qualified applications

  • Software and upgrades can be easily downloaded via a laptop


The ASC/3-2070 software provides an updated design that allows it to serve as the traffic light controller platform for present and future traffic management environments.  The software is compliant with NEMA TS2 and National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocols (NTCIP) standards, and is compatible with all existing Econolite systems.

The ASC/3-2070 software was designed using the latest software development technologies, which offer the user a controller software package that is affordable, reliable, flexible, and is compatible with any pre-qualified 2070 controller (2009 Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications (TEES)).

All software for the ASC/3-2070 is stored in flash memory.  This allows for quick and easy software updates in the field without changing hardware.  Once updated, the controller only needs to be power cycled to allow the new firmware to take control.