Autoscope® ENCORE

advanced traffic management system


  • Provides advanced traffic management system for vehicle detection at intersection stop line and advance extension applications

  • EasyLink connectivity for broadband communications

  • Streaming digital MPEG-4 video output

  • User-definable password protection

  • Vehicle detection, traffic data measures, speed, and incident detection

  • Bicycle detection and differentiation

The advances in digital video and broadband communications technologies continue to open doors to new applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) - enhancing traffic networks and inspiring new ITS capabilities. Whether for surveillance, vehicle detection, data collection, or traffic monitoring systems, digital video and broadband communications are increasing ITS performance, cost efficiencies and access to strategic traffic information - helping transportation professionals improve safety, reduce vehicle emissions, and mitigate traffic congestion.

Autoscope ENCORE, is a high-quality, non-intrusive, multitasking video vehicle detection solution. Part of a frontline solution for an ITS program, Autoscope ENCORE
can provide the information necessary to enhance the mobility capabilities of today’s most demanding ITS deployments, as well as the evolving transportation needs of the future.